panda-like calm through fiction
rwmillstone: I can hear a bird in the trees, a baby, down low. It must have fallen from a tree. Want to help, but can't find it.

sfs&r: climber missing since 1 pm, mt. ritter, whiteout conditions.

rwmillstone: Separated, but not worried. Wind gusting, snow, sleeting. Following saddle towards Mt. Banner.

sfs&r: s.matteo sheriff, oes & bamru notified. avail. s&r personnel report in pls.

rwmillstone: Snow makes removing goggles necessary; Removed glove to clear snow from eyes.

sfs&r: contact made with climbing party, altitude aprx. 13k ft, near summit.

rwmillstone: typical. The one time I “need” to tweet I see fail whale.

rwmillstone: Received tweet from group, used Google Maps to show location.

sfs&r: millstone incorrectly descending towards big ritter lake.

rwmillstone: Attempt dig snow-cave.

rwmillstone: Typing troublesome; can no longer touch thumb to forefinger. Also feeling warmer.

sfs&r: limited vis helo; for. serv. team on ft.

rwmillstone: Fingers cold, white; brain cold, barely thinking. Lost ax.

sfs&r: for serv team ascending opposite big ritter

rwmillstone: Hands warmer, red, think it's ntfrostbite cleaning snow from nearly impossibl

sfs&r: abandoned snow cave discovered; ice ax abandoned at site

rwmillstone: Eys rrfznshut sheltrin gbetwn rsck otu of wnd mcj pssbl

sfs&r: 9pm, millstone not found .too dark to continue search. resume morning.

rwmillstone: Thhk brrd los tres shhdve sbvd it.

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